Why You Need To Buy Asset Than Liability

Why You Need To Buy Asset Than Liability

Who becomes better and financially stable between them on the long term. It’s about being financially educated and stable. John and Mark worked in the same place, they both planned to buy a phone worth N200,000 to show their level of standard because their company decided to pay them backlog of bonuses.Mark was into investing in stocks, he too the money he wanted to use in buying the phone to invest in the stock market. After doing his due diligence about a particular stock and support from an expert, he bought it for N2. Within four months, the price jumped to N5 as the company announced a good financial report for the year with dividend and new products released to the market that yielded great sales.Mark sold half of his shares to buy the new phone without stress and financial worries and still have left over and steady dividend to collect.

Meanwhile, John had to use the N200,000 given to him by the company to buy the phone he desire which affected him from meeting his other NEEDS and EXPENSES but Mark took dividend to settle other outstanding NEEDS which helped him to be financially stable. Who is richer and wiser? Who became financially stable? Always use your INCOME GENERATING ASSET to buy your frivolities from your monthly INCOME. Always INVEST first before you SPEND. Work on creating another ASSETS( another source of income that makes more money for you)that helps you buy, eat and wear what you DESIRE. Never use a single source of income to buy LIABILITIES(things that takes money from you.(phones, cars and many more) but create a future of being Rich by using your monthly income to invest into ASSET that makes you RICH.

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