Wrong decision taken by video assistant referee yesterday

Who Makes The Final Decision Between VAR And The Referee
Wrong decision taken by video assistant referee yesterday

VAR awarded penalties to four Premier League heavyweights: Chelsea received two, while Manchester United, Liverpool, and Manchester City each received one.

Manchester City, Liverpool, and Chelsea thrashed their opponents to maintain their dominance in the English Premier League this season. This essay will focus on the three dubious punishment decisions made in this week’s installments.

Manchester City vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers

It was an entertaining contest between the two groups, but Manchester City were more convincing from the start. Throughout the first half, Wolverhampton’s excellent defensive performance posed significant problems for Pep Guardiola’s side.

Although the second half of the game began with increased energy, the VAR decision to award a controversial penalty to Manchester City has been lambasted. According to the punishment review, the Wolverhampton defender accidentally struck the ball with his hand in the 65th minute of the game.

The VAR should have withdrawn the penalty because it was a ball in hand and similar incidents are normally not punished. A comparable incident occurred between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspurs, and the referee’s and VAR’s selections were not intended to be punitive.

Raheem Sterling converted a penalty to give Manchester City a 1-0 victory over Wolverhampton, who played the second half of the game with ten men.

Chelsea v. Leeds

Chelsea returned to winning ways with a victory over Leeds United. Tomas Tuchel’s side have been unremarkable in their past three Premier League matches.

The VAR decision to penalise Leeds United in the first half of the game has been closely reviewed. Although Marcos Alonso had no contact with the Leeds United player, the VAR decision contrasted with Chelsea.

Although the VAR found no infraction between Alonso and Daniel James, the VAR imposed the punishment on Leeds.

Leeds United switched the penalty to give Chelsea the lead, but Chelsea went on to dominate the match, winning 3-2.

Aston Villa vs. Liverpool

Liverpool asked their legendary captain, Steven Gerrard, back to Anfield Stadium, but this time as a mentor to their opponent. The VAR decision to punish Liverpool in the second half of the game has been closely reviewed.

According to the episode’s audit, there was no contact between the Aston Villa defender and Salah, but the referee imposed the sentence on Liverpool.

The VAR should have lowered the sanction in light of the audit’s finding that no contact occurred between the two players.

Do you believe that was the three-punishment that should have been imposed?


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