You can increase your WhatsApp status views to 2000 by doing this.

You can increase your WhatsApp status views to 2000 by doing this.How to increase WhatsApp status views 1000 to 5000. We all use WhatsApp to attach with our family, friends and love ones. WhatsApp has become quite a chatting app. Because people now can share their story on WhatsApp status. Now everyone knows the way to use WhatsApp. So we are gonna share some hidden features of WhatsApp and that we are gonna show you ways you’ll increase WhatsApp status views 1000 to 5000 and may show to your friends.

What is WhatsApp status

Every now or then you’ve got some pictures or videos that you simply don’t want to line as your display picture and don’t want to share it on your contact’s personal chat. But, you would like to share it with people or your contacts. So, you’ll put your picture and your videos to your status in order that people can see it and luxuriate in it.

WhatsApp status views

When you share images on your status. Everyone on your contact list can see the pictures that you simply share as per the privacy you set. you’ll set your status privacy to everyone in order that everyone on your list can see it. And, you’ll limit your privacy by selected only a couple of people using only shared with option. So, you’ll share it with only limited people.

WhatsApp view

How to increase WhatsApp status views 1000 to 5000

1. Click on this link

Note the link is owned by a TV

2. Save the contact, and stay tuned to their status because the link to the group “Increase status views” are going to be posted there

3. once you click the link other necessary information are going to be provided

4. you’ll also drop your mobile number below



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