You Could Remain Poor in Life If You Continue Doing These Things

The character they say is the beauty of a woman and money is the beauty of a man which is why every man wants a comfortable lifestyle and a success. None are able to go through the best part of the tests to make this happen. People do certain things in their everyday lives that impede their chance of succeeding. We can see this as a way out of poverty but, grievously, it is the pathway to the throne of poverty

You Could Remain Poor in Life If You Continue Doing These Things

1. Gambling.View .

There’s just nothing like becoming rich quickly. Success in the financial sector needs time , dedication and effortless devotion. Anyone who wants to play would be deluded into thinking that success is a shortcut. Today, many self-made millionaires haven’t tried easy schemes that were getting wealthy. Then they are used to chasing each other’s hopes and ambitions. Lots of young Nigerians believe they have done a job in playing so much. You assume that a single hundred naira would give you 15 million naira. How much time do you spend before reaching the target? Gambling has never made any rich man known to receive his wealth today

2. Drinking Too Much Alcohol.

Even if the glass of wine or beer is good occasionally, too much drinking will reduce the chances of financial success. Will too much alcohol affect your memory and your thoughts? Where do you plan your financial freedom strategy because you can not think clearly and remember things? I don’t say alcohol is bad, but it’s limited to anything in existence, including the same drug. Some people think that it’s never ok until they’re lost. And, it sounds like a bad guy, with a weak disposition. One or two beer bottles or even two glasses of wine are all very well for a man with a purpose in life. This is not to suggest that you should start drinking two glasses a day. Many issues need to be solved. Never drink excess alcohol consumption in your financial defense.

3. Your Type Of Friends


Once a wise man has asked me to introduce me to his mates and I’ll tell you who you are. Those are the truth. You ‘re more likely than you thought to hang out on matters. Today, the day a lot of wealthy people decided to make money, their friends changed. Develop a habit of associating with other positive people, as with yourself. You can probably see yourself doing this one day, because you are sorry for drunkards and cigarettes even though you don’t drink and smoke. If you are surrounded by the right kind of people you will succeed in life.

4. Spending Too Much Time Infront Of The TV.

In a pioneering study it is revealed that 80 percent of the poor spend more than five hours a day in front of their TV set. Let it take five precious hours to complete. You also wonder why the most expensive cars and properties don’t put their ads on TV? The reasoning is simple as it is not spent on TV by the people who buy it and sponsor it, and obviously they can not see it. We prefer to teach, instead of entertaining rich or decent people. We replace TV time with read, write, perform or some other form of self-education. I’m not saying you don’t need to watch TV if you have to waste too much time in there.Instead of watching people walk their way to success, spend more time planning for the map.

5. Thinking Negatively.

Only if you have a strong mental outlook is long-term success possible. If ever you think you ‘re evil, you ‘re never going to be safe. Why bother if you don’t like yourself? That’s one of the reasons that did not make this convenient, you always have the thoughts I can’t do


Many people have the question of manipulating their emotions, whether it is positive or negative. When you stop listening and remember your emotions, you will find most of them awkward. But you learn this only because you allow yourself to be conscious of these negative feelings. This is the basis of perception. Offer your mind the negative thoughts. Remove their positivity. They tell the King is the actor. Trust in you.

6. Doing A Job You Don’t Love.


Working with a job you don’t like would not only rob you of life and make you miserable, it could also affect your chance to get wealthy if you don’t like the work. The wealthiest, most admired people pursue their dreams, and in your working days, you should imagine doing the same. What you do is fun to work with. Life, education, knowledge, skills, and all the other advantages kills those with no passion for life. Passion makes work fun. Leisure gives you the ability to overcome mistakes, failures, or refusals, with commitment and focus. You have a fancy to solve obstacles and accidents that obstruct your path.

7. Excessive spending.



Spending more than you get is the easiest and surest path through a financial crisis. You can’t get a salary of 50,000 Naira and drive a car costing 15,000 Naira monthly maintenance. You have to pay for food and utilities and you have to pay the money the same month for other little things. What saved it? What saved it? What you save is incredibly significant, and can do it in advance of the paycheck. Many who spend so much face additional challenges, have no money to retire, raise their children, or seek opportunities. Adding more money and holding savings without any possibility of escape contributes to long-term poverty.

8. Ignoring customers feedback.

At the end of the day you could have a business already established, ignoring customer feedback on your products and services will pull your business down faster than the currency change. Fear of criticism is the reason we ‘re not getting feedback from others. If you listen to your customers’ suggestions you’ll have more chances to change. Feedback is crucial in knowing what works, and what doesn’t. Feedback lets you find out whether you’re on the right track. The need for feedback, whether good or negative, is a crucial factor in learning and growing. Feedback gives you the details you need to make the most of in the future and to change.

That’ll be all for now. I hope that helps and sheds light on some of the issues you need to avoid in your life if you want to be productive. Why don’t you share the article with friends and family? Do not forget to leave a note in the comment section below about your thoughts on that. We appreciate your feedback, because it gives us space to write better. For more detailed updates please visit us on this website by clicking on the following button as shown in the picture below. Thank you, and a good day, as you do.

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