You Should Stop Wasting Money On These Four Things That Makes You Poor.

In these current times, being broke is normal, You make lots of money but still broke, having nothing to show for it.

You Should Stop Wasting Money On These Four Things That Makes You Poor.  A lot of people are working extremely hard and have

You Should Stop Wasting Money On These Four Things That Makes You Poor.

A lot of people are working extremely hard and have nothing to show for the years of hardwork. There are lots of things people spend money on that keeps them broke or in the struggling cycle. Certain habits made it hard for them to be financially stable. You need to get rid of these things that lives you broke.


frivolous buying starts with little spending you take for granted because you felt it’s a little penny and adds no value. As you grow, you develop this terrible impulsive spending that destroy your finances along the way and it leaves you broke. These lifestyle makes you plunge hands into your savings account unnecessarily just to satisfy your desire. They don’t think about every penny spent, they just want to make themselves happy at the expense of tomorrow. You never take time to consider if you truly need it or not. Because of no proper consideration, you destroy your finances in days or weeks or months with all the effort you have put into it for many years. Years of sweat, Labour, tough mental work and in few days just to fill your inner desire, you destroy it all. Things like these will surely live you broke.


Not paying yourself first destroy your finances and effort you have made in business or investment. Not developing the habits of paying yourself lives you broke on the long term. When unplanned events surfaces, you have no plan but to borrow ahead of your salary just to take care of the needs. When your salary arrives, it’s neither more than half or nothing is left and you start struggling financially. If another surfaces in the midst of struggling to settle the current one, you might likely start a life of paycheck to paycheck. Paying yourself helps you plan for the future and acquire the right investment that prepare you for financial stability and retirement. Once, you don’t pay yourself first you are set to always be broke.


If your expenses are not well planned for it can leave you broke. The little expenses you take for granted can leave you in bad financial situation. If you do not plan for your expenses, they eat deep into your finances bit by bit and you don’t take cognizance of them. No documentation of what you spend on daily, weekly or monthly is harmful to your finances. You need to look into your finances and wipe off the ones you need to a cut down and the one you need to manage orelse you find yourself struggling to survive financially.


Bring broke is living paycheck to paycheck. And there are lots of things involved in people leading that lifestyle, the wrong investment, bad money decision making, gambling,bad saving habits and many more. These lifestyle can lead you to debt and that is how financial struggle starts. Lots of people have lost huge amount of money in get rich schemes with the hope of becoming wealthy. They believe that is the form of investing and they put huge money there and before they know it they can’t trace the owner and a whole lots of things get destroyed and they find themselves struggling to survive. lnvesting is a good way to grow your wealth but the wrong schemes can destroy all your years of effort. Before you enter into any investment, do deep research into it and have a good knowledge of what you are venturing into. People run into get rich schemes because it’s return on investment is extremely high. It double or triple their money faster not knowing it’s the way to destroy their hard-earned effort of many years.


Knowing that these four things are currently destroying people’s finance and years of effort is the reality to a great change. Now is the time to watch carefully not to destroy your financial effort and all you have worked for but do everything in these times insightful.

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